UniFloresta receives Tembé Indians and reinforces support for traditional Amazonian Communities.

Categoria: Environment

Publicado em: 05/07/2019


The Unifloresta Consult team received this last week the Tembé Indians, one of the most traditional communities in the Amazon and reinforced its support and partnership, through the LVP (Legal Verification Program).

Through LVP the Association allocate for approximately 10% of its contractual resources to support sustainable forest management plans of the traditional communities of Amazonia, through the Green Extractive Reserve Forever, a federal conservation unit in Brazil, in which it benefits the communities ACBEM and IPANELA.

As a result of this partnership, ACBEM already has an approved management project and in the IPANELA community, a project is already underway.

Unifloresta Consult, which follows the recommendations of the EUTR (European Regulation of Madeira) and LACY ACT (USA), continues to work with professionals authorized to perform the services and has a database of images and data, respecting ethical and environmental laws .


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