LVP program team of Unifloresta participates in training for handling GNSS in the field.

Categoria: Amazonia

Publicado em: 05/07/2019


Last week the Unifloresta team participated in a training to handle GNSS – High-precision Satellite Navigation System, very used in mapping and georeferencing of large areas. The main focus of the training was to map the rural and forestry sector, for environmental and agronomic purposes.

According to the Unifloresta technicians, GNSS mapping is important to obtain a broader accuracy and positioning of the data in space, which will later be post-processed in Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Thus, the use of this system will aim to assist in the field work, identifying each vertices and uses in the mapping of rural properties.

Georeferencing is one of the works developed by Unifloresta, which provides a cadastre service that encompasses the description of all the characteristics of a certain rural property, work or place. As well as of the systems of supply, networks of collection and distribution of water and sewage, transmission lines, etc.

Fonte: Ascom Unifloresta

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