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Our multidisciplinary team consists of: Forest Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Agronomists, Sanitary Engineers, Lawyers, and others. Contact us to know more about our services, we have the best structure to handle with any environmental demand of your company.

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UniConsult is a company specialized in environmental consulting with extensive experience in the forestry sector. Founded in 2010, we strive to ensure harmony between the environment and the country's development.
We are committed to developing projects and services that ensure the development of your business in a sustainable manner and with proper management of our natural resources.

With in-depth knowledge of current environmental legislation and keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies are UniConsult's greatest assets.

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Be part of a select group of companies with the best chain-of-custody analysis on the market.

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The Legal Verification Program is a complete and exclusive service offered to foreign companies that import Brazilian wood. We are proud of our raw material and therefore we help ensure that all products purchased by our customers coming from Brazil are in accordance with Brazilian and international laws such as Lacey Act and EUTR.

We carry out a thorough analysis of the timber custody chain, in order to avoid that foreign and Brazilian companies are at risk of being involved in any type of problems in the environmental legislation.

Be part of the team of companies that take due care with the origin of their products. Consult our experts.

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